Just Kids Pediatrics' mission is to provide access to great pediatric care so every child has the opportunity to live a healthy life.


Just Kids Pediatrics will be a leader in pediatric healthcare & wellness through our devotion to unsurpassed quality of clinical care, compassion for our patients, and the development of the communities we live & operate in. 

Just Kids Pediatrics will develop an infrastructure of support through focused recruitment, employee development, continuous training, and additional education. We will always operate in a philanthropic mindset & make decisions in the patient’s best interest regardless of whether they are insured privately, by the state, or non-insured. 


  1. We think and do things “outside the box.” We want to be better than everyone else in our business, not like everyone else in our business. We don’t want to be different just to be different, but be different to be better.

  2. Toilets to tonsillectomies. If you’re thinking “that’s not my job,” then this is not your job.

  3. Be frugal with resources, but not be cheap. We all have to do more with less.

  4. We are in the feel good business. We not only have to make our patients healthier, we have to make our service and their experience unmatched- warmth.

  5. Respect- culture, thoughts, life positions.

  6. Passion in all we do.

  7. Team- win together and lose together.

  8. Speak up- always suggest a better way to do things. The door is always open.

  9. Family- work/life balance. JKP is a part of us, but not all of us. Life happens and we are human beings– flexibility and sympathy/empathy is key as providers and people.

  10. Good is not good enough- strive for greatness (the best) in all we do– always get better!

  11. We all mess up, but we better mess up at full speed.

  12. Surround yourself with people who make you better.

  13. Give back to the community.

  14. Responding with a sense of urgency is the entry fee we pay to play.