Don’t Let Your Child Feel Under The Weather For Long

Spring has finally arrived, which means that hopefully we are past the horrible flu season that seems to take hold of everyone and their kids! If you are someone who wants to truly be prepared for whatever germs come your way, you are in the right place. At Just Kids Pediatrics, you can expect your children to get the very best care that they deserve.

At Just Kids Pediatrics, we focus on what really matters, the health of your children! We are available throughout the day and even on the weekends with our Urgent Pediatric Care center now open. We have the ability to give children flu shoes and vaccines they need to keep them safe from harmful diseases and illnesses that can be downright dreadful.

When you know that your child is feeling under the weather or they are due for their next round of vaccinations, don’t wait longer than you should to bring them into see our experienced and caring pediatrician in Oklahoma City. Don’t worry, if your child gets sick at the most inconvenient hours, we’ll still be available! Our children’s urgent care is available during later hours in the day for your convenience. Go ahead and schedule an appointment online with us today and know that we can care for your child when they need it most. If you have any questions or concerns about our experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us!