Importance Of Vaccinating Your Children

Currently, there is controversy surrounding vaccinating your child. Many celebrities have spoken out about the “dangers” about vaccinating, but what about the dangers of not vaccinating your children? At Just Kids Pediatrics, located in Oklahoma City, OK, we want to educate you and your family about the dangers of skipping these crucial vaccinations. We encourage your children to get flu shots and vaccines to eliminate the possibility of getting life threatening diseases that have already been cured. Read below about the importance of your kids getting flu shots and vaccines to ensure your children’s health safety.

Reason One: Saving Your Child’s Life

This is the number one reason to have vaccines for your kids. If you don’t vaccinate your child they can end up getting very sick. Due to medical advances, we are able to protect children now more than ever from various diseases. Some of the diseases that used to be an issue are eliminated because of the effectiveness of vaccines. The biggest example of showing how kids are safer now due to kids vaccination is polio, one of the most feared diseases in early 20th century America. The reason you don’t hear about polio anymore is because of vaccinations. Influenza is another virus that has a preventative cure. To save your child’s life, get flu shots and other essential vaccines so they don’t have to deal with diseases that have already become extinct.

Reason Two: Protecting Your Family

This goes hand-in-hand with saving your child’s life. To prevent the spread of diseases, such as measles and whooping cough, it’s important to get you and your family vaccinated. There are many babies who get diseases too young because they’ve been exposed to germs that could be prevented, had the people around them gotten vaccines. In addition, there are also people and children who have almost no functional immune system due to cancers and other life threatening diseases. If you aren’t severely allergic to the vaccines, then we encourage immunizations for your children and family to protect the people who have weakened immune systems. By getting vaccines for your children, you are also protecting your family, friends, and the people you come into contact with everyday.

Read more about what kinds of diseases your child can get when they are not vaccinated. For more information on getting your children’s flu shots and vaccines contact us.