Qualified Pediatrician Oklahoma City

Make sure your children and kids are up to date with their vaccines and have gotten the flu shot here in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma has been hit hard with the flu this year, you can help your kids from getting the flu by stopping in to see our pediatrician at Just Kids Pediatrics and getting the flu shot.

The flu is prominent in kids, especially if they are in a daycare center. The flu can be dangerous in children and our pediatricians here in Oklahoma City persuade you and your kids to get the flu shot to help protect them from a potential life threatening illness.

If your children are in need of a new pediatrician in the area of Oklahoma City, visit us at Just Kids Pediatrics. Here our pediatricians are qualified to give you the care they need to stay healthy. We can give your kids all the up to date vaccines to help them stay healthy.  Just Kids Pediatrics is the leading pediatric health care center in Oklahoma City. Know that you can trust our pediatrician Angela K. Yaffe. She is very qualified to care for your children and can give them the attention they need to stay healthy.  If you would like to read more about our MD, Dr. Yaffe, visit us online here.

Feel free to contact us anytime to ask us any questions, or you can go online and schedule an appointment today to get your kids the care they need.