What To Do If Your Child Has Pink Eye

Is your child’s eyeball bright red with yellow goop crusting in the corner and on the lid? Chances are your son or daughter is infected with conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye. It’s a common occurrence for school-aged children because it is highly contagious, and kids are known to spread germs quickly. Luckily, the symptoms and treatments of pink eye are very mild and simple. The most important step is to take a quick visit to Just Kids Pediatrics, your local pediatrician in Oklahoma City. Schedule an appointment online at our OKC or Moore offices!

In the meantime, it’s important that you follow a few crucial steps that can help fight this infection and prevent your child from spreading it to peers and family members.

Ensure Your Child Is Comfortable

If you’ve ever had a sick child, you know it can be troublesome if he or she is in pain or uncomfortable. We recommend making a compress with a warm wash cloth (lint-free) and holding it to the infected eye. If your child has conjunctivitis in one eye only, do not use the same cloth on both eyes to prevent spreading.

Come Visit Us!

Like we said before, we want to make sure your kids are the end of the contagious virus. Come visit us for prescription eye drops that eradicate the infection.

Wash Your Hands

Pink eye usually starts with direct contact of infected secretions and then hand-to-eye contact, but it can also spread through the nose and sinus. The easiest way to prevent gaining this infection is by washing hands frequently! Avoid touching eyes if a family member or classmate has conjunctivitis. And again, wash your hands – with soap!

Clean Personal Items

Since the infection is contagious, it’s important to wash all personal items that may have come in contact with the infection. This commonly includes wash cloths, pillow cases, blankets, and any face makeup.

Beware, adults, you are not immune from the infection. Take care to follow these steps yourself, and be sure to bring your child to Just Kids Pediatrics. Our local pediatricians in Oklahoma City and Moore are always happy to stop the spreading of contagious infections.