Benefits From Our Kid’s Urgent Care

You can see urgent cares all around town, but when it comes to your kids, where will you turn for help without going to the emergency room? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a kid’s urgent care, but luckily for you, kid’s urgent care in Oklahoma City has become a reality! Just Kids Pediatrics knew that not having an urgent care specifically for children was a real problem. Because of this, we put all of our efforts into creating a reliable, convenient and affordable option for parents when they’re in need of medical attention for their children at the most inconvenient times. Why did we think it would be beneficial for parents and children to open a kid’s specific urgent care in Oklahoma City?

  • Major insurances accepted

  • Convenient location

  • Convenient after-hours

  • No appointment necessary- walk ins are welcome

  • More affordable when compared to an emergency room visit

  • Welcoming appearance for children

If you ever have an emergency and it’s after hours, feel free to give our pediatric urgent care in Oklahoma City a visit. We are more than prepared to provide your child with the care that they deserve. We are well equipped to perform procedures, such as x-rays, and we can be the place to go to for help when your child has suffered a sprain, fracture, burn, laceration and much more. Visit us online now to read more!