Most Common Kid Injuries Seen in the ER

Going to the ER isn’t something that you want to make a habit. Not only is it terrible to see your child in pain or sick, but the costly bill isn’t something to be happy about either. Luckily for you and your child, there’s an alternative to visiting the ER in case an emergency happens. In Oklahoma City, there’s a new urgent care in town, and it’s just for kids! Take your child to our Pediatric urgent care in OKC to have all of their emergencies taken care of.

We all know that ER visits aren’t fun, but do you know what the most common things that land kids in the ER are? Here are some of the top reasons children end up in the ER:

  1. Endocrine Disorders- Type 1 diabetes is typically a genetic disease where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin that’s needed to convert foods into energy. Type 2 diabetes seems to be more influenced by lifestyle. Children will need the assistance from others to monitor such complex endocrine disorders.

  2. Genitourinary Disorders- Infections under the foreskin, vaginitis, urinary tract infections and genital injuries are something that parents should be aware of. UTIs are commonly caused by bacteria, and they can develop in children who suffer from regular constipation or delays in urination.

  3. Musculoskeletal Disorders- Anything from broken bones and ankle sprains to head injuries from playing on the playground are a common reason kids visit the ER. Injuries such as these deserve medical attention from Pediatricians at our pediatric urgent care unit in OKC.

There are still many more commons reasons why children visit the ER, stay tuned to learn more!